Circular Leadership

Experience the new leadership method, created in the USA and implemented in The Netherlands by InnerVida: Circular Leadership! Our brand new personal development concept. Circular Leadership emanates from the power and the collectivity of the group and the responsibility of every individual within the group. Unique to this concept: the current method of gatherings and meetings changes, everyone contributes to a common goal, gets to the point of the matter easier and thus faster to decision-making.

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Circular Leadership is based on The Circle Way. Founders Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea used this ancient method of the circle as a foundation for gathering and dialogues. Everyone is equal in the circle and is heard and seen. During our various trainings, you will learn how you can use the circle in both your professional and personal life.

Why Circular Leadership?

The power of Circular Leadership together with the structure, principles and practices make decision-making, gathering and brainstorming more effective. Knowledge and experience of every participant in the circle is addressed: decisions are made faster, problems are solved easier.

For whom?

Circular Leadership is particularly suitable for HR advisors, managers, leaders, coaches, trainers, directors and teams that want to implement the power of the circle in their work and private life. You will learn to use the circle in various ways and thereby learn to work in an efficient and inspiring manner.

Have you been to the FAMAC mediation conference 2018?

The third FAMAC Mediation Conference took place on 26 and 27 September 2018 at the Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel

  • Read the story Tatiana van Rijswijk - Koot shared at the conference about Circular Leadership, Accelerating by slowing down!
  • Download the FAMAC 2018 presentation of Tatiana van Rijswijk - Koot
  • How can Circular Leadership help you?

Want to know more about the FAMAC 2018 conference and the story of Tatiana van Rijswijk - Koot?

Get the presentation and information about circular leadership Tatiana van Rijswijk - Koot shared at the FAMAC mediation conference 2018 in South Africa.

Experience Circular Leadership for yourself

Circulair Leiderschap Experience

Circular Leadership Experience

Experience the new leadership method from the USA. Learn the power of Circular Leadership in a unique and easy accessible way. A leader in every chair… Find out what this unique method can do for you!

Circular Leadership Team

Successful teams and healthy organizations – that’s the motto of this two-day training.

Circulair Leiderschap Team
Circulair Leiderschap op maat

Circular Leadership Tailor-made

A training of the shelf, that is not something you can expect from InnerVida. As Personal Development Architects, we find that every person deserves the possibility to develop themselves in their own unique way.

Circular Leadership Individual

Learn by experiencing! Become an expert in personal leadership through the method of Circular Leadership: the new leadership method that you can use in your personal and work life.

Circulair Leiderschap Individueel


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